Friday, April 10, 2015


This is late, but we still want to give Steph's Supertroopers a big round of applause for an outstanding performance.  She will now have the honor or having her name placed on the Morey Traveling Trophey.

Little O's blowout is this years winner of the "Diaper Dandy award!  For those of you who don't remember, this category was created when Landon thought parents with children had an unfair advantage with multiple entries!!!???

Frank is still licking his wounds, having been beaten by his future son-in-law, The Italian.  Stefano's question while choosing his picks, "people really go to Harvard to play basketball?"

Mary and Stefano have finally set their date.  August 28 in Rome.

Rank Owner Bracket Finals Points
1 Landon Steph's Supertroopers Kentucky 146
2 Pat Undefeated Roman Kentucky 141
3 Landon Little O's Blowout Kentucky 138
4 Pat Mr Dutke to You Wisconsin 137
5 Jon Jon's Tip-Top Bracket Kentucky 136
7 Landon Landon's Last Dance Kentucky 131
8 Most Reverened *Trae's Galloping Horses Arizona 131
9 Pat Real women drive vespas Wisconsin 131
10 Most Reverened *Trista's Blind Draw Wisconsin 130
11 Lee Smith Shantelle's Hockey Picks Kentucky 130
12 Most Reverened *Todd's Answer Key Kentucky 128
13 Lee Smith Rhett's Wreck Kentucky 126
Tori Barnum
T 2 the ORI Kentucky 126
15 Most Reverened *Tatum's Princess Picks Gonzaga 125
16 Jon vals favorites Arizona 124
17 Jon Ivy's Dreams Kentucky 118
18 Lee Smith Lee's Bracket Kentucky 117
19 Jake Hutch4 Iowa St. 117
20 Pat Pat's molto eccezionale! picks Villanova 115
21 John Repeat? Kentucky 115
22 Anna Anna's lucky guesses Kentucky 104
23 Robbie Megan's Mesmerizing Picks Kentucky 103
24 Most Reverened *Terek's Brute Force Kentucky 101
25 Robyn Dunk you very much Wisconsin 94
26 Robbie Rob's Virginia 93
27 Traci Traci's Terrific Bracket Kentucky 93
28 jared WHAT Kentucky 92
29 Jon James Long Shots Notre Dame 89
30 Jake Jake's Terrific Bracket Kansas 82
31 jared Kynnedi Kentucky 78

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